Friday, 15 April 2016


On a dark night I came back from my friends house.When I came back I saw something at the back of the house it looked like a person I yelled out to him but he just standed there.

Then I went up closer then I ran away it was a zombie there were zombies everywhere they were down the street but there were none near at my friends house.

Then I ran to my friends house then I told him what happened then he thought I was lying I took him to my house then he told me to stay here.

when he came back he brought a big bag in the big bag he brought baseball bats/guns/bombs.

Then I grabbed the baseball bat then we whacked the zombies in the head then I grabbed a gun then the big ones came and surrounded then i got the bombs and threw it at them then I ran away and the big ones exploded.

Then me and my friend ran down the street there were lots of zombies they could jump and attack you from behind and it could run fast.When we saw them they jump in the sky we couldn't see them.

when we looked behind us we heard something there were more zombies “where did they come from” i said “they must of came from the house across the road” said my friend.

We got the guns out and shot them we were spraying them but something came down from the sky it was a big one with a horse and a army of zombies so I got a rocket launcher out and we shot the big one then its blood splattered all over.

All the zombies were gone but when my friend looked around he saw a zombie it bit him. when I turned around I saw it then he fell to the ground then suddenly he got back up he turned into a zombie then I killed the ones that jumped in the sky.the only zombie left was my friend he was running at me so I shot him.

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