Thursday, 4 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Day 5 Bonus Activity - Week 4 - S.L.J Finished

People would live in like 1-2 story houses and they'd eat pancakes or waffles for breakfast and cereal too. Most of the people would probably work around town.


  1. Hey Jerome, congratulations on finishing the Summer Learning Journey. You've done a great job! I hope you continue to comment on other children's blog posts and also post some other blog ideas. I'd love to see more of your anime drawings.

    I've enjoyed reading about your predictions for the future.
    Do you think there will be any flying cars?
    It might be a good way to reduce traffic.

    Thanks, Billy

  2. HI Jerome ,
    Well Done for finishing the blog,
    I love that you said that people should live in a two story,I like that because some people have big familys.

    Great JOb

    By Akesa

  3. Hi Jerome its me Lusia, I am currently at college right now,
    but I would like to wish you good luck for this year! College is soo Fun & different! I wish I could see you guys again!
    I hope you had an outstanding holiday! <3 xx