Monday, 19 December 2016

S.L.J D.10 Bonus Activity

Day in the life of Jerome
We just do prayers in the morning it takes us about 5 minutes to do prayers and when out teacher has told us what to do then we just go to our desk and do our RE(Religious Education) then we do our Maths my favourite subject and then the bell for morning tea will ring in half and hour.

When we come back in we have to do writing and then reading then Mrs will give us something rare to do and then something we haven't finished to do and if we have finished everything she let's us have free time which means we get to listen to music play games on our netbooks and this is only sometimes and then we will move onto reading again for more activities then the lunch bell will ring at 12:50 then we will go out.

After we come back from break then we will do typing if it's a Monday we always do it just three times then if its Friday then we have to blog out Monday and Friday's best results and then we will go down to the mat and just have our fruit and drink our milk then get back to anything we haven't finished so we do them then sometimes we'll go out for a game of doge ball then we will pack our netbooks if we are taking them then we go to the shade and wait for your parents under there or you can wait down the bottom.

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