Sunday, 18 December 2016

S.L.J D.4.A.2

5 things you will need when you go on a airplane:
*Emergency Kit
*First Aid kit
*Water bottles

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  1. Hi Jerome,

    It looks like you'll be packing pretty light! What kind of clothes do you think will need to pack for your trip?

    Packing an emergency kit and a first aid kit is smart thinking. What sort of items would you put in those? Although flying to Australia isn't a very long flight, it's still about 3-4 hours depending on where you fly to. Do you think you would want to pack anything for the flight over to keep you busy? I always like to take a couple of books for the trip because I love reading.

    This is a good start to your packing list Jerome. Maybe if you have time you could think about anything else you might like to pack?

    Happy packing :-)