Tuesday, 20 December 2016

S.L.J Day 18 Activity 2

Kangaroos-Their called Kangaroo's. The Kangaroo lives in Australia.They eat generally grass,bark,flowers and fruit.

Koala-Their names are Koala's. They live in Australia.They normally eat gum leaves.

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  1. Hi Jerome,

    You can chosen to iconic (famous) animals from Australia. Have you ever had the chance to see either a koala or a kangaroo in real life? I had the chance to see both at the Brisbane zoo and they were pretty amazing. The koalas just slept the entire time that we were looking at them and the kangaroos actually let us approach them and feed them. I was a bit nervous to go too close to the kangaroo because I know that they can be quite vicious but these kangaroos were pretty friendly.

    If you had the choice, which animal would you prefer to see - a kangaroo or a koala?