Tuesday, 20 December 2016

S.L.J Day 18 Activity 1

I had just entered the Zoo when,all of a sudden, I saw a massive Tiger and it jumped and nearly clawed me "OMG that was a close one lucky" I said the Zoo was packed with lots of people there.When I arrived I looked at the Tigers and threw the meat in the cage and it ran to the meat and blasted eating and in a minute later he was finished eating so I went up to the guard near the cage and said "Is this how fast they eat?" and the Guard says "Yes they can eat to that speed". I was like WHAT and he said there are some Lions there if you want to see it and I said okay.So when I came to the Lions they were to busy sleeping and then one of them woke up because they heard the sound of my camera and stood up and roared at me loudly.Then I went to see the giraffes and they were massive I even saw a baby one its like a 8 year old boy height.After that I went and checked out the Elephants and they were huge and they looked like grey play dough and I thought of something and I asked the guard "What do they eat?" and the guard said "They eat Leaves".

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  1. Great story, Jerome! I like the way that you described what you saw in the zoo so clearly. I could picture everything that you were describing as I was reading your story.

    It made me wonder if you had recently been to a zoo. Have you gone to the Auckland zoo in the past few months? You write so well about the place that I feel as though you must have personal experience!

    Way to go, Jerome. I really liked your story :)