Saturday, 17 December 2016

S.L.J D.2 Bonus Activity

1.I would like to go to visit Wellington because I heard that it is cool and hot and sunny there so you can just go play outside and it is the capital of New Zealand.

2.The other reason I would like to go visit Wellington is that to go visit the Beehive and I would like to go see what it is like inside.


  1. Nice Jerome!
    Love the Places you wanted to go in wellington! Hopefully one day in your life you will get a chance to explore wellington!

    1. Yeah I hope so. Thanks for the comment. I'll be sure to comment on your blog!.

  2. Hi Jerome!

    I love Wellington, I'd say it's my favourite city in New Zealand. If you ever get the chance to visit one day I'd highly recommend it!

    It's definitely a very cool place to visit, although I'm not too sure about it being hot and sunny! On a fine day it's incredibly beautiful. However those days are few and far between unfortunately, as it can get pretty chilly there. Especially with a southerly wind coming through!

    Did you know you can go on a tour of the Beehive and Parliament? It's open for the public to visit, and you can go on all sorts of interesting tours to learn about what goes on there. I'd definitely recommend it if you're interested!

    One of my favourite things to do when I'm down there is to visit Te Papa. It's a massive free museum with all sorts of amazing exhibits. It's the perfect rainy day activity :-)

    Naku noa,