Saturday, 17 December 2016

S.L.J D.3.A.2

This is my logo ANZ stands for Air New Zealand I don't know if they already have one but I think they already have one.I made a NZ one because I like New Zealand and I think of it as a good and cool country.


  1. Great Job Jerome!
    Love your logo, also your colours are very impressive! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks I will and I will comment on your blog.I seen your work you are doing great with your progress so you should keep it up!.

  2. Kia orana Jerome,

    I love the creativity in your design here, that's very cool. Air New Zealand do already have a logo, but I reckon your one might just top theirs! I appreciate you giving your reasons for creating a new logo as well, I think New Zealand is a cool country too.

    I really like the colours you have used in your design. It makes your logo big, bold, and eye catching. It would look awesome on the side of a plane too! Have you ever flown with Air New Zealand before? If you fly with them one day you should compare their logo to your one and see whose you like better.

    Cheers Jerome,