Wednesday, 21 December 2016

S.L.J Day 19 Activity 1

I would take the bicycle because your spending less money and you can save up a lot just by riding a bike.You can also just ride there and look at the villages there on the way too.So I recommend that you should take the bike.

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  1. Hi Jerome,

    Good recommendation. Riding a bike can be a lot of fun, can't it? I actually had the chance to ride a bike all through the canals of France. It was an amazing experience and definitely the best way to see the rural countryside that we were biking through. I would definitely do it again and would highly recommend biking to anyone who wants to see a country firsthand.

    Do you enjoy biking around Jerome? I sometimes go biking here in Auckland with my son, Aronui. He loves to bike! He's only 6 so we can't go too far but we often go for tours around our neighbourhood. Do you ever do the same thing?